Matty Mookerjee, Department of Geology, Sonoma State University

Three-Dimensional Thrust Wedge Deformation: Integrating Field Analysis with a Kinematic-Based Mathematical Model for the Moine Thrust Zone, NW Scotland

  • DINNER MEETING - Tuesday, May 8, 2012
  • Location: Stanford University

  • 5:30 PM-Social (3/4) Hour, Hartley (in Mitchell Earth Sciences)
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  • 7:30 PM-Meeting, Also in Hartley

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    It is a long-standing observation that thrust fault traces have arcuate shapes suggesting that thrust faults are, in general, non-planar. Three-dimensional complexities in thrust surface geometry give rise to three-dimensional variations in the displacement field and therefore the incremental and finite strain distribution. The kinematics of a salient-recess pair along the Moine thrust zone, Northwest Scotland, are examined to gain an understanding of how three-dimensional thrust surface geometry effects the strain distribution within thrust zones. In particular, quartz c-axis textures, relict and recrystallized grain shape data, macroscopic field measurements, and microstructural data are all utilized to infer the detailed kinematic patterns along the salient-recess pair. In addition to the field data, a mathematical model was developed to more fully understand the kinematics of thrust sheets moving over non-planar thrust fault surfaces. This kinematics-based model yield results which correlated well with the field observations from the Moine thrust zone.

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    Matty Mookerjee

    Matty Mookerjee attended Oberlin College as an undergraduate where he completed a senior thesis with Steven Wojtal involving three-dimensional strain analysis of the Moine Thrust after a semester aboard at Aberdeen University. He then went right into a Ph.D. program at the University of Rochester where he continued to study the kinematics of the deformation associated with the Moine Thrust under the advisement of Gautam Mitra. He then taught as a Visiting Assistant Professor for two years, one year at Bryn Mawr College and one year at St. Lawrence University. For the past, nearly, six years, he has been an Assistant Professor at Sonoma State University. He continue to study the kinematics of highly strained zones. He has a field area in the eastern Sierra and one in the Bitterroot Mountains. He recently received an NSF grant for an EBSD detector which will be used to study the crystallographic fabrics within these two field areas.  Moreover, he has recently started projects involving Finite Element Modeling (FEM) in conjunction with some analogue modeling.
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