Tom retired from the U.S. Geological Survey after... oh, a zillion years or so of geologic time doing geophysics there. We had a hecka good Toast ’n Roast at his expense on March 17, 2006. Rick drew this cartoon to summarize a career in a frame as only he can do.
The Great Turkey Disaster
This cartoon attempts to capture Tom’s devotion to airborne geophysics, but the setting of the cartoon may require a bit of explanation. The cartoon was inspired by an infamous incident that occurred back in the 1980s, when Tom was Section Chief and Frank Frischknecht was Branch Chief of the now defunct Branch of Geophysics. The Branch had (and the USGS still owns) an airplane for doing low-altitude geophysical surveys, and Tom was in charge of its operations. The airplane was conducting a low-altitude survey over Minnesota farmland one afternoon. Unbeknownst to the pilot and navigator, a turkey farm was located directly beneath one of the flight lines. Thousands of turkeys apparently mistook the airplane for a buzzard, panicked, and ran in mass hysteria to the fenced corner of the property. The pilot saw the unfortunate situation and veered away, but it was too late. Hundreds of turkeys suffocated and formed a huge pile stacked against the fence. The pile was so high that other turkeys scaled the pile and escaped over the fence. But the disaster was not over. Adjacent flight lines were supposed to be 0.25 miles away, but remember that this survey was conducted long before the advent of GPS navigation. When the plane returned to fly the adjacent flight line, it came in directly over the farm again! When the dust settled, it was discovered that hundreds of turkeys had died, and Tom had a very irate farmer on his hands. He promised to pay for all of the dead turkeys (and the escapees), a bill of over $6000 (in 1980 dollars), but of course he had no paperwork. The real disaster began when Tom had to explain all of this to an irate and incredulous Administrative Officer.      --Rick
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Tom Hildenbrand’s Retirement
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