Pam Matson, Stanford University

Global Change in the Nitrogen Cycle: Implications for Tropical Soils and Ecosystems

photo of Pam Matson

Pamela A. Matson is the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Professor of Environmental Studies, Victoria P. Sant & Roger W. Director of the Earth Systems Program, and Professor, Geological & Environmental Sciences (joint appointment with Institute of International Studies) at Stanford University. Her expertise included biogeochemical cycling and trace-gas emissions from forest and agricultural ecosystems, as they change due to natural and anthropogenic disturbances; and evaluating the economic, social, and environmental causes and consequences of land-use change and management

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  • DINNER MEETING - Tuesday, May 16, 2000
  • Location: Stanford University

  • 5:30 PM-Wine Tasting: Mitchell Bldg., first floor
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    Anyone wishing to attend the lecture only is welcome at no cost.

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    If you want to pay in advance:

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  • Please note: Because dinners are contracted with our caterer, no-shows will be billed.

    For students from all universities and colleges, the dinner, including the social half-hour, is $5.00 and is partially subsidized thanks to the Associates of School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University (Note, no-show reservations owe the full price).

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